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Work Package 4

Circularity by Alternative Feedstock

Circularity by Alternative Feedstock

The concept of Circularity by Alternative Feedstock aims to incorporate alternative raw materials in the production of plastics, including materials that contain waste or by-products from other sectors and processes.

Technical-Scientific Objectives

The activities to be carried out within the scope of Circularity by Alternative Feedstock will contribute to address the research/innovation challenges related to plastics based on sustainable alternative raw materials. These materials can be derived from biomass waste, agricultural industries, as well as plastic waste sources.

  • Development of biodegradable materials based on the valorization of food waste and biomass;
  • Development of sustainable materials from agroforestry by-products;
  • Development of sustainable functional additives.

Processes, Products and Services (PPS)

PPS12: BiFibRe
Biodegradable Composites from Fiber Waste
Corn Starch-based compounds for producing Biodegradable Flexible Films for Food Contact
Valorisation of Olive Pits in the production of Eco-Sustainable Value-Added Products