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The SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS Consortium brings together 39 companies and 10 Non-Business Entities from the Scientific and Technological System, covering all segments and subsectors of the plastics industry, to address the main challenges faced by stakeholders in this new extended value chain.

APIP is a non-profit, public utility entity, being the reference association in the plastics sector in Portugal. -
Bicafé is a portuguese multinational company with 49 years of existence and presents itself as one of the main players both in the commercialization of products, as well as in the production of its own brand and compatible capsules, for the main national retail chains. -
Bio4Plas is a company that produces biopolymers and biocomposites, using various raw materials, such as natural and synthetic fibers. The development of new plastics with a more sustainable basis is our challenge. -
Bluepharma is a pharmaceutical group with around 20 companies and currently employs more than 750 employees. Bluepharma's activity spans the entire value chain of medicine, from R&D to the market. -
CeNTI – Centro de Nanotecnologia e Materiais Técnicos, Funcionais e Inteligentes
CeNTI is a reference Technology and Innovation Center in the areas of Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, and Intelligent Systems. -
CITEVE – Centro Tecnológico Têxtil e Vestuário
A private non-profit Technological Center, headquartered in V.N. de Famalicão, which provides the Textile and Clothing Sector with services that include laboratory testing, product certification, consultancy, R&D+I, training, and fashion and design. -