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Work Package 3


Circularity by Recycling


Valorisation of Post-Consumer Plastics in the development of Eco-Sustainable Telecommunication Poles

Specific Objectives

Replacement of telecommunications poles made of wood, typically developed from Pinus pinaster or Maritime Pine (with a significant limitation associated with the slow growth of these species), which are industrially treated in an autoclave with double vacuum and pressure, along with a biocide, to increase their durability and prevent attacks from wood-boring organisms. The commonly used biocide is a hazardous substance that will be banned by the European Commission. Therefore, the project aims to develop an alternative solution based on mixed plastics, which is more sustainable.

Considering the type of production technology to be adopted for the large-scale development of this eco-sustainable product, the project will also involve the development of a fully automated equipment by Periplast, for the Resifluxo production of this type of product. This approach follows a clear model of circular economy and industrial symbiosis.

Processes, Products or Services
  • Eco-sustainable telecommunication poles;
  • Automated production equipment for the production of telecommunications poles made from recycled plastic.
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