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Work Package 4


Circularidade pelas Matérias-Primas Alternativas


Valorisation of Olive Pits in the production of Eco-Sustainable Value-Added Products

Specific Objectives

Develop single-use products, such as biocompostable meal cutlery, made from a polymer that incorporates 25% of a natural resource, such as olive pits, which are currently only valorised as an energy source waste. This way, we will have a biocompostable product that incorporates up to 25% of a natural resource, and at the end of its life, it can be valorised as compost/fertilizer through the composting process in Portugal.

Simultaneously, a biocompostable polymer reinforced with olive pits will be developed and functionalized, allowing it to be compostable within 60 days in the existing composting facilities in Portugal.

Processes, Products or Services
  • Eco-sustainable meal cutlery based on biocompostable polymers derived from olive pits.
top view of a recyclable plastic dish with environmental green logo