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Work Package 4


Circular Economy by Alternative Raw Materials


Corn Starch-based compounds for producing Biodegradable Flexible Films for Food Contact

Specific Objectives

To successfully develop and introduce a functionalized biodegradable bioplastic compound into the market, while simultaneously promoting the economic growth of the corn processing industry. The technical objectives of this case study are as follows:

  1. Development and commercialization of a food bag (for fresh fruits and vegetables) where over 40% of the polymeric material is starch (current state of the art: 20-30%);
  2. Development and market introduction of an organic waste bag with over 40% incorporation of polymeric material derived from starch (current state of the art).
Processes, Products or Services
  • Formulations adapted to end-use applications of various processing industries, creating a new range of products with different characteristics;
  • Fruit and vegetable bags with improved compostability of the packaging;
  • Organic waste bags with increased compostability;
  • Automated extrusion system for flexible film production.
MOTALA, SWEDEN- 31 JANUARY 2023: A compostable bag from a company.