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Work Package 2


Circularity by Product Design


Plastic Waste from Coffee Capsules

Specific Objectives

It is intended to recycle the largest number of coffee capsules in Portugal with the valorisation of the coffee grounds, triggering a use for the purpose of liquid biofertilizer and, on the other hand, the regeneration of plastic that will produce recycled raw material that will be incorporated into new non-food products.

This process will alow for reduced consumption of virgin raw material (of fossil origin), creating upcycling in home/habitat segment, aiming to engage the consumer as an active member in the recycling of coffee capsules.

Processes, Products or Services
  • Coffee capsules more ecological, recyclable and with less contaminants;
  • Non-food products from home/habitat segment;
  • Liquid Biofertilizer.
Open Espresso coffee capsule with grounded coffee inside, assorted coffee pods and roasted coffee beans on grey background