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PPS12: BiFibRe

Work Package 4


Circular Economy by Alternative Raw Materials

PPS12: BiFibRe

Biodegradable Composites from Fiber Waste

Specific Objectives

Develop biodegradable composites of PLA and corn fiber waste to enable industrial injection molding of rigid parts that can be used as components in household appliances. The following objectives can be associated with this project:

  • Incorporation of corn fiber waste from the corn industry into an injection-molded product line;
  • Development of new PLA composites with industrial relevance;
  • Creating material circularity by increasing the biodegradability of the finished products;
  • Reducing the use of petroleum-derived materials;
  • Decreasing the carbon footprint of the product with day-to-day impact.
Processes, Products or Services

Biodegradable injection-molded products:

  • Refrigerator Accessories: Egg holder;
  • Disposable Cutlery (Forks, Knives, and Spoons).
Female hand taking egg from a fridge close up