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Work Package 1


Circularity by Material Design


Valorisation of Recycled PET for the Development and Production of Nonwoven Fabrics

Specific Objectives

Valorisation of recycled PET and the introduction of biopolymers, as well as their subsequent transformation into antiviral and antifungal products for manufacturing and automotive industry, filters and spacer fabric coatings, and medical area (PPE and gowns).

Implementation of a new value chain by developing an industrial pilot line for extrusion/composition and micronization that allows a reduction in the consumption of virgin raw materials through the reincorporation of recycled PET from single-use packaging or the use of virgin or potentially recycled bio-based raw material.

Processes, Products or Services
  • Filters for manufacturing;
  • Coatings for the automotive sector;
  • Medical Personal Protective Equipment (Surgical gowns, among others);
  • Chopped fibers with functional characteristics for the production of nonwovens and spun yarns.




Within the scope of PPS3 – RECPET, PIEP participated in the 5th Edition of the International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
Within the scope of Work Package 1, PPS 3 (RECPET: Valorization of PET Recycling for…