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TENSAI FURNITURE attends SPOGA GAFA 2024 with a presentation of the Sustainable Plastics Agenda

As part of Work Package 4, PPS 12 (BiFibRe: Biodegradable Fiber Waste Composites), TENSAI FURNITURE was present at SPOGA GAFA 2024 (Cologne), which took place between June 16 and 18, to publicize the Agenda and the respective PPS.

With sustainability in mind and the integration of alternative raw materials in production (e.g. Furniture, Subcontracting and Household Appliance Components), TENSAI FURNITURE is focused on the development and industrial validation of biodegradable composites obtained by combining poly-lactic acid (PLA) polymers with corn fiber waste, the BiFibRE – Biodegradable Fiber Waste Composites. At SPOGA GAFA, the applicability of the new biocomposite was demonstrated in a refrigerator component (egg holder) and a set of disposable cutlery.

As part of the Sustainable Plastics consortium, the aim is to develop biodegradable composites based on PLA and corn fiber waste to enable industrial injection molding of rigid parts that can be used as components for household appliances and disposable cutlery. The “Biodegradable” characteristic is an increasingly present reality in the development of TENSAI FURNITURE’s products and is in line with the concept of circularity through alternative raw materials. Using 3D additive manufacturing, TENSAI is currently developing parts for prototyping and small series with the aim of incorporating them into the equipment produced.

See the photos below: