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Sirplaste promotes Sustainable Plastics Mobilizing Agenda at PRS Europe

On June 19th and 20th, Sirplaste promoted the Sustainable Plastics Agenda at PRS Europe in Amsterdam

PRS Europe, which took place on June 19 and 20 in Amsterdam, is a cross-cutting event dedicated to plastics recycling in Europe. This event provided an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the sector in the light of the opportunities and challenges facing the plastics recycling sector in Europe.

The event covered the entire value chain, from the design of raw materials to the collection, sorting and recycling of industrial, commercial, agricultural and post-consumer plastics, as well as projects to incorporate recycled materials, in increasingly high percentages, into new products and applications. The conference aimed to promote collaboration and accelerate the transition to a sustainable and truly circular plastics recycling industry.

Sirplaste, as a co-promoter of the Sustainable Plastics Agenda, actively participates in 3 PPS:

  • NEW MP: Plastic Raw Material 100% Virgin Plastic-Free
  • ECO BOARD: Eco Board for production of more Sustainable Furniture and Packaging
  • RECY.TUBE: Electrical Pipes designed with Recycled Plastic composition and Non-Halogenated Flame-Retardant properties, as well as Recyclability.

In short, the event was extremely important for Sirplaste to publicize the project at an international level, as well as to develop partnerships in the supply of waste, additives and equipment within the scope of the Agenda.